Professional Profiles

Foto: Yaiza Martínez

Graphic Design

The graphic designer is an creator who uses graphic language to generate messages in different media and communication channels. New technologies have made visual communication an essential component in today's world and the graphic designer emerges as one of the professionals more requested in the society. The main areas in which it operates are: corporate visual identity, editorial design, graphic production, packaging design, advertising and art direction, visual design, television graphics, multimedia design, web design, communication design applied to space, design of teaching materials, research and teaching.

Design is intelligence made visible.Alina Wheeler

Interior Design

Interior designer develops the area of the creation of spaces that make the life, work, leisure and relationships. Its aim is to adapt, distribute and organize spaces. The main areas in which it operates are: housing and interior design for habitat space, commercial space design, administrative, cultural, educational and recreational, home renovation, landscaping and public space design, design of temporary spaces, design of interior spaces of transportation systems, business management of creative activities, construction management, measurements, budgets and risk prevention, project management for interior projects, research and teaching.

The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.Marty Neumeier

Product Design

The product designer analyzes, investigates and determines the properties and physical properties of materials, the symbolic values and aesthetic, social and environmental development of the objects according to their form and function. The main areas in which it operates are: packaging design, footwear, toys, furniture, urban elements, lights, tools, vehicles, toilets, faucets, handicrafts, textiles, furniture and systems, design management, product development, research and teaching.