B/N Exhibition

B/N fue mi primera exposición individual. Consiste en una serie de ilustraciónes en las que experimenté con el contraste del blanco, el negro, y la textura de la linea. Utilicé la técnica del dibujo automático, un técnica surrealista con la que se pretende liberar el subconsciente y realizar la ilustración con el minimo de predeterminaciones. Trabajando solo sobre unas pocas lineas de composición y estructura, entintando directamente sobre el blanco.


B / N was my first solo exhibition. It is a serie of illustrations which i experimented with the contrast of the white, the black, and the texture of the line. I used the automatic drawing technique technique, a Surrealist technique which aims to release the subconscious and make the illustration with a minimum of presets.I  worked the illustrations alone on a few lines of composition and structure, inking directly on the white paper.

Luis Utrillas

Hello ! My name is Luis Utrillas and I was born in 1994.
I am a graphic designer ,letterer artist,illustrator and multidisciplinary musician in free times.
I have been raised between papers, brushes, negatives, music and fine arts books, literature and musical instruments that have afforded since I was a kid the opportunity to cultivate mi artistic sensibility. An early and restless curiosity soon engaged me on the plastic expression, of concepts and ideas, and with the typography, after found a deep love for the letters when I discovered the graffiti at the age of 12 years.
Parallel to my graphic design studies I have developed a self-taught special interest in illustration, typography and lettering. Developing a creative process that is always born drawing and evolve digitally. Where I can attend with precision my passion for detail.
I believe in the hard work, team projects and in the pursuit of your own dreams and goals.
Ex-alumno de Diseño Gráfico