Títeres sin Cabeza

This logo was designed for “Compañía Títeres sin cabeza”, a theatre company based in Zaragoza. The company contacted ESDA in order to organise a contest to make a logo by students.

“Títeres sin Cabeza” has plays for the general public, but they are mainly focused on children . 

The logo has a childish typography and an image that respresents puppets, since the company has puppets shows.

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Ruth Trasobares Bellosta

My name is Ruth Trasobares Bellosta and I am currently studying Graphic Design at ESDA, in Zaragoza.

Since I was a child I have been interesed in art and design. At Primary school my favourite subject was art, and when I grew up I decided to study that. I went to Art School in Zaragoza and then to ESDA, where I am studying at the moment. I love photography , typography and branding. I would like to design album covers or something related to music like tour or concert posters.

Below you can find some of the work that I have been doing during these years.

2º de Diseño Gráfico