We Are Selecters

You Are Selecter

We Are Selecters is born as a project in 2010. A group of professionals related with music, fashion, design, photography and art… we've joined forces to create a special way of working establishing a friendly relationship with labels. With freshness and closeness.

We participate in new projects with fashion and music magazines. Within a powerful market conformed with and by more and more labels we wanted to take a step further and we chose the name We Are Selecters, that is what we are. And all that we have learned is devoted to this personal project, and this is a restitution to ourselves, towards our individuality, and it will grow with our ideas about art, society, fashion, music and lifestyle.

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Ivan de Ramos

Soluciones creativas: Nuestro objetivo es encontrar soluciones creativas a los problemas que nos plantean los clientes. La introducción de nuevos métodos y una intensa colaboración con nuestro clientes son nuestros puntos fuertes. No funcionamos como una empresa externa si no que nos involucramos en cada uno de los procesos del cliente. Esta continua colaboración da como resultado que las soluciones creadas sean globales y efectivas.
Ex-alumno de Diseño Gráfico