Digital photography

Luis Azcona portfolio

Luis Azcona is a contemporary percussionist from Zaragoza.

These photos were taken for his portfolio, which reflect his way of playing and experimenting with movements.

Ruth Trasobares Bellosta

My name is Ruth Trasobares Bellosta and I am currently studying Graphic Design at VDK, in Vilnius.

Since I was a child I have been interesed in art and design. At Primary school my favourite subject was art, and when I grew up I decided to study that. I went to Art School in Zaragoza and then to ESDA, where I am studying at the moment. I love photography , typography and branding. I would like to design album covers or something related to music like tour or concert posters.

Below you can find some of the work that I have been doing during these years.

3º de Diseño Gráfico