Sara Vela

Hola! Soy Sara Vela, estudiante de Diseño de Interiores aquí, en la ESDA, aunque soy de Pamplona, donde estudie el bachillerato de artes y PDO.

Aquí he dejado alguno de los proyectos que he ido haciendo durante estos tres años.

Hello! My name is Sara Vela. I’m a student of Interior Design in ESDA, in Zaragoza, but I’m not from here, I’m from a small village next to Pamplona, in Navarre, also Spain.

I’ve always wanted to study something related to this, but till some years ago I couldn’t decide. Before studying in here, I was formed in the Art School of Pamplona doing my A levels and also a two years course of Interior Design too.

Here are some of the projects I’ve made all these three years I’ve been prepa-ring myself to make a proffesional career
2º de Diseño de Interiores