Sonó desk + OOI

The project consists of choosing a furniture brand and designing an object for them. 
I have chosen Barcelona Design as the brand to work with and I have designed a desk with three table positions and a rocking chair to make the use of it much more dynamic. Also included in the work was the design of a matching accessory and I created OOI which is a small multifunctional structure that can be used as a pencil holder or simply as a decorative object.


  • Cover


  • The brand

    The brand

  • The brand's style

    The brand's style

  • Product


  • Technical details

    Technical details

  • Proccess


  • OOI accesorie

    OOI accesorie

  • Back cover

    Back cover

  • Class presentation

    Class presentation

Beatriz Pardo

2º de Diseño de Producto