The red chair

The Pantone chair

This is a project made for the Audiovisual subject, the video revolves around the famous design icon of the last century: the Pantone chair.

I decontextualize it by placing it in earthy natural spaces from which the raw materials come, these provide a highly textured background that contrasts very well with the color, shape and material of the object.

I thought about going beyond what a chair is, so I think it's important to do just the opposite that is usually done with it. To convey the feeling I have chosen to visualize her together with three dancers who dance around her individually in three different places. Technically speaking, we find ourselves 3 stages, 3 dancers and 1 chair, there is nothing else. Regarding the music, I have decided to use music with a very marked rhythm and with a tribal touch.

  • The red chair

    The red chair

Beatriz Pardo

2º de Diseño de Producto