A Call for all DESIS Labs

Publicado el 6 de noviembre de 2023

Practice and Education at the intersection of Social Design and Design for Social Innovation – Working with Vulnerable Communities

This is a call to generate a new space or cluster for the DESIS network: We are launching this proposal for all those interested DESIS labs working on teaching and practicing with people living in poor conditions or at risk of exclusion.

The aim of the proposal is not to change the curriculum, but to share experiences with the purpose of framing a set of approaches or mindsets which we can develop when teaching social design and design for social innovation, and when bringing together students and vulnerable people through projects. This can complement the regular performance of the design discipline in its different facets (graphic design, service design, product design, etc).

We would like to gather interested DESIS Lab members in an online meeting on 14, November at 13.00 UTC to explore interest in participating and generating ideas.

We see this as a first step to inform the plans for the III ESDA DESIS Days, to be held in Zaragoza, in Spain, on 11th and 12th March 2024. In this event, we will then exchange experiences in teaching and practicing social design, with the involvement of students, staff and wider communities.

In order to organize the online meeting, we would like to kindly ask you to fill in this short form by 3, November

This proposal was developed by Francesco Mazzarella (DESIS UAL) and the ESDA DESIS Lab team (Alberto Franco, Jose Chávez and Cecilia Casas).