We are already on Erasmus

Published on 3 November 2015

It's the first time Irene has travelled by plane and I'm very nervous.

We arrive in Porto. It's raining and cold, but nobody can take away our excitement. As soon as we get home we hug Fer - she's growing her hair as long as a lion - and she introduces us to some people who are having breakfast - Rodrigo, Memet, Elena...

The house is gigantic and I love the feeling it gives off. It's old, in some rooms it looks clean, when in reality it's just painted, and in others you can see the age and that it's an erasmus house.

In the kitchen, people start arriving and a lot of new names attack us:

- this is Jacek, this is Uldis, this is Andrea...

- Ja... what? sorri sorri... Oldishh? ...

All in somewhat macaronic English. Still, it doesn't matter, we're here, we'll learn our names. I can't stop smiling and looking around.

We are already on Erasmus