Centre Training Plan

Year 2022/2023

The Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón (ESDA) is a centre for higher artistic education within the European Higher Education Area. The degree is Level 2 and 4 specialities are taught: Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design. In addition, in Level 3 it has two approved official professional Master's Degrees.

Decree 166/2018 of the Government of Aragon regulates teacher training, recognising the relevance of teacher training as a means of improvement, adaptation and innovation in the face of constantly changing economic and social conditions that have a direct impact on the educational context. This training guarantees competent and appropriate teacher performance and is organised through the Training Network.

The educational centre participates in this work through the annual Centre Training Plan, organising a series of activities according to the needs analysis and the Strategic Plan that guides the actions. This plan is programmed in accordance with the annual call for training, the II Aragonese Framework Plan for Teacher Training and with the advice of the Teacher Training Centre of reference, in our case the Juan de Lanuza CP.

This document, together with the training activities organised, is included in the Annual General Programme.

The following activities are planned for the training of this course:

Methodologies, Tools and Values for
design education at ESDA

A School Education Project: "Methodologies, tools and values for teaching design at ESDA".whose objectives focus on: the dissemination of knowledge within the institution; the integration of active and creative methodologies, and technological and digital resources in teaching practice. It favours a physical and digital meeting and collaboration space for the formulation of complex STEAM projects. All of this is done in line with ESDA's values: design for social innovation, sustainability, integration, critique and reflection.

Samuel Beamonte, Andrés Diestre, Alejandro Conde, Nereida Jiménez and Pilar Sopena. (ESDA faculty)

Design research: its organisation through Groups
Research. Research communication channels
and organisation of design research conferences 

A working group: "Design research: its organisation through Research Groups. Ways of communicating research and organising design research congresses". Its objectives are: to improve information exchange and internal research structures and, externally, to highlight design research in Design Research Institutions as of high value.

Dr. Laura Clèries (Scientific Director and Director of Elisava Research. Director of the Master's Degree in Design Through New Materials. Lecturer in the Materials Area of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering at ELISAVA in Barcelona)..
Dr. José Antonio González. (Director of the Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Andalucía).

Educational Intervention in Social Design through ESDA DESISLab

A working group: "Educational Intervention in Social Design through ESDA DESISLab", through which it is intended to generate didactic material, a TOOLKIT
with the appropriate resources and teaching methodology to apply educational interventions in Social Design and Innovation.

Dr. Albert Fuster. (Academic Director of ELISAVA and DESIS Lab ELISAVA).

Reflection and analysis of the Centre's Digital Plan: ESDA

A working group: "Reflection and analysis of the Centre's Digital Plan: ESDA", to draw up and define the strategic lines of action in the PDC in accordance with the centre's priorities for becoming digitally competent based on a SWOT and CAME analysis, identifying opportunities for improving the centre's digital infrastructure through strategic lines of action.


Four workshops to improve the use and experimentation with the centre's technological and digital tools: filament 3D printers, CO2 and numerical control laser cutters, and thermofixing machine.

Samuel Beamonte, Andrés Diestre and Alejandro Conde. (ESDA faculty).

Workshop Numerical control cutting machine

Workshop CO2 laser cutter

3D Printing Workshop (Powder and filament)

Heat press transfer workshop


Other scheduled activities include: 
Celebration of the 16th Conference on Design Practice PROYECTA'23.