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Aragon School of Design

Management and teaching staff

The teaching staff is made up of a team with extensive teaching experience and is made up of doctors, graduates and graduates who are experts in design disciplines. It is a teaching staff that teaches from an open and innovative work philosophy in line with the Schools attached to the project of the European Higher Education Area.
Classroom training is complemented by collaborations with professionals, experts and companies in the area, as well as attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions, participation in Design Practice Conferenceattending conferences and seminars, round tables, workshops and events related to the discipline of design.

Management team


Department of Graphic Design Projects and Techniques

Projects Department
and Interior Design Techniques

Projects Department
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Projects Department
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Department of Fundamentals
Design Artisticians

Department of Fundamentals
Design Scientists

Technology Department
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Department of History and Science
Social Sciences Applied to Design

Specialty coordinators

Non-teaching staff