The Aragon School of Design is committed to training professionals with research skills in the field of science, technology and design. The path of transdisciplinarity in science is a commitment to involve multiple disciplines, to specify new problems and to define complex objects of study.

In this sense, research has a primary purpose at ESDA: to develop principles and values based on creativity, critical thinking, the design product and sustainability. From this position, the aim is to provide answers to complex problems based on new methods, tools and relationships between areas of knowledge.

Our actions, from multiple perspectives and approaches, must promote synergies for the generation of knowledge with entities in both the public and private spheres. Furthermore, special attention should be paid to the transfer of these knowledge products to society and the curriculum.

Ultimately, the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the research will enable us to be endorsed and recognised by the competent bodies as agents of change in our own disciplinary field.

In short, ESDA as a future research centre aims to:

  1. Organising research training in the complex paradigm of sustainability and disciplinary hybridity and society in general.
  2. Aspire to be recognised as a knowledge-generating agent.
  3. Support actions based on creativity, critical thinking and product design.
  4. Reflecting on new practices and deepening the theoretical and practical analysis of the discipline itself.
  5. Seek alliances with other agents to broaden our research activities.
  6. Transfer the results in a continuous dialogue with teaching activities.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Research Coordinator

Francisco Serón Torrecilla

DESIS LAB Coordinator

Cecilia Casas Romero

Head of External Relations

Jara Cordero Gómez