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Academic information of the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón.


The Design Degree Syllabus (Graphic, Interior, Product and Fashion) comprises 240 ECTS credits, distributed in 4 courses of 60 ECTS credits and each of them in 2 semesters of 30 ECTS credits.
The basic content is determined by the Royal Decree 633/2010 and the Order of 14 September 2011 (B.O.A. 195).


At the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón the following specialities are taught:

Access and Admission

In order to be admitted to the Degree in Design you must have the Baccalaureate degree or have passed the university entrance exam for people over 25 years of age and overcome the specific entrance test.
For those who do not meet this requirement, they may take the Maturity test. Further information here.
Those in possession of the Higher Technical Degree in Plastic Arts and Design will be able to access directly to the Degree in Design without the need to take the specific exam, reserving 20% of the new entry places for this purpose.
The Directorate General responsible for higher artistic education shall publish by Resolution the places by speciality that will be offered in each academic year.
The dates for registration and the specific entrance exam can be consulted on the following website: Access and Admission.
Passing the specific entrance examination will allow access, only in the academic year for which it has been announced, to any of the State Centres where these courses are studied, without prejudice to the availability of places in these centres.
It will be possible to apply for the specific entrance examination for two different specialities in the June call.

The specific entrance test for the different specialities will consist of 3 parts, all three of which are selective.
1st part:
An exercise is carried out in the representation of a three-dimensional model through the application of techniques and languages typical of artistic drawing.
Part 2:
It shall consist of 2 sections:
Paragraph A
A colour compositional exercise will be carried out with free technique, based on the free interpretation of the proposed model.
Paragraph B
The same or a different model shall be represented in a system specific to technical drawing languages.
Part 3:
Based on a given image, written answers will be given to questions and issues related to this image and to general topics of the speciality to be entered.
More information on the content of the test can be found at Access and Admission


It is compulsory to register for the full academic year for those starting the Bachelor's Degree in Design.
Partial enrolment may be formalised from the second year onwards as long as the number of credits enrolled reaches 30 ECTS credits. These enrolments will be granted by the Management of the Centre if they meet the requirements established in the Study Plan. Applications must be made prior to the opening of enrolment for each academic year.
You can fill in the application form for partial enrolment at:

For the enrolment of students, proof of payment of the corresponding public prices or their exemption, if applicable, must be provided. Proof of payment of school insurance must also be provided only in the case of students under 28 years of age.
Students who do not formalise their enrolment in due time and form for a given academic year will lose the place they occupy at the Centre.

From 1 to 15 July for students who do not have to take exams corresponding to the September exams, as well as new students who have obtained a place in the specific entrance exam in June.
From 1 to 21 September for students who have to take exams corresponding to the September exams and new students who have obtained a place in the specific extraordinary exam in September.

Students who are beneficiaries of general scholarships or study grants and those who are beneficiaries of special scholarships or grants, when this is established in the corresponding call for applications. These students undertake to process their scholarship application within the legally established period and their enrolment will be cancelled if this is not the case, and they must submit a copy of the application to the School. If, in the end, they are awarded a grant, they must present the Resolution to the Secretary's Office of the School within 15 days of the awarding of the grant. If, on the other hand, they are denied the scholarship, they must pay the full amount of the enrolment fee within the same period or their enrolment will be cancelled.

100% BONUS
Students who have the condition of Special Large Family; this must be justified with a certified photocopy of the updated large family card.
Pupils with a degree of disability of 33% or more
Victims of terrorist acts, spouses and children.
Students who obtained honours in baccalaureate, higher vocational training cycles or plastic arts and design, as well as students with an extraordinary award in baccalaureate or vocational training.

50% BONUS:
Students who have the condition of General Large Family. This must be justified with a photocopy of the updated large family card.

Enrolment fees can be paid in instalments, with half of the fee being paid at the time of enrolment and the second half in the first fortnight of December.

Cancellation of registration

Students may cancel their enrolment for the Bachelor's Degree in Design by submitting a written request to the Management of the Centre before 30 September. Cancellation of enrolment will not entitle the student to a refund of public fees for this concept.
Total cancellation of the enrolment will not entitle the student to reserve a place for subsequent years.

The Management of the Centre, after hearing the student, will proceed to cancel the enrolment of anyone who does not attend classes for 1 continuous academic month or who accumulates at any time 30% of absences over the total number of teaching hours corresponding to the subjects for which he/she has enrolled. This will result in the loss of the student's status at the Centre and the public price paid for enrolment.


There are 2 assessment periods in each academic year for each of the subjects; one of them will be ordinary and the other extraordinary. The maximum number of assessment periods per subject will be 4 during the course of study.

Cancellation of calls

The student may request the Centre's Management to cancel the call by means of the established form, which must be reasoned and accompanied by the corresponding documents accrediting the request.
You can download the application for cancellation of the call at

The deadlines for the cancellation of exam dates will be established by the Centre for each academic year.
The cancellation request may not exceed 50% of the credits enrolled.

Exceptional enrolment

Students who have used up all 4 sittings for the same subject may submit a reasoned request for exceptional enrolment to the Head of the School. The latter will draw up a report and submit it to the Directorate General responsible for higher artistic education.
Exceptional enrolment cannot be waived and entitles the student to only one sitting, which will coincide with the ordinary sitting, and does not imply the right to attend class.
A maximum of 2 exceptional enrolments may be requested throughout the Bachelor's degree course, as long as they are not for the same subject.
You can download the application form for exceptional enrolment at

Tenure and promotion

In order to continue their Bachelor's degree studies, students must pass 18 ECTS credits at the end of the first year.
As long as 60% of the enrolled credits have been passed, it will be possible to register for the following academic year.
Students may not remain at the Centre for more than 6 academic years per speciality.

Recognition of credits

For the purposes of obtaining the Degree in Design, ECTS credits taken and obtained in official centres of the European Higher Education Area may be recognised. Credits may also be recognised for those in possession of the Higher Technical Degree in Plastic Arts and Design, depending on the suitability of the competences and contents of the different subjects.
The application for credit recognition must be accompanied by the documentation indicated and using the official application form.
You can find the application at

The application period for the recognition of credits is from 1 to 10 October of each academic year.
Only credits corresponding to the course in which the student is enrolled will be recognised.

Transfer of registration

Transfers of enrolment of pupils from centres in the Autonomous Community of Aragon must be requested during the first semester of the academic year and will be authorised, following a favourable report from the Education Inspectorate, by the Head of the Centre, who will inform the competent Directorate General for its knowledge.
Transfers of enrolment requested from centres in other Autonomous Communities must be requested in the month of June of each year, and these will be resolved by the competent Directorate General.
In order to apply for a transfer of enrolment, it will be necessary to have passed the first full academic year and to be enrolled in the centre of origin in the academic year in which the transfer is requested.
The documentation to be provided and the application form can be found here:

Registration Transfer Information

Elective credits

Students may obtain recognition of up to a maximum of 6 ECTS credits for participation in cultural, artistic, sporting, student representation, solidarity and cooperation activities.
The free elective credits are requested in the 4th year of the Degree in Design.
The application shall be accompanied by the relevant documentation and shall be examined and approved by the School's Senate.
The application form can be found at


You can apply for the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Scholarship within the period indicated on its website.
When filling in the enrolment form, you must indicate that you have applied for a scholarship or that you intend to apply for one.
The scholarship application, once completed on the website of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, must be submitted to the school's secretary's office.
Tuition fees are not to be paid until the Scholarship application has been decided and only in the case of a refusal.
The Resolution of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training will be presented to the Secretary's Office of the Centre whether the scholarship is accepted or refused.

Legislation and regulations

Creation of ESDA

Master's Degree in Artistic Education in Strategies of Spatial Creativity and
Graphics in Ephemeral Installations


Syllabus (BOA)

Recognition of credits

Recognition of Higher Education Studies (BOE)

Organic Rules (BOA)

Internal Regulations of the Centre

Information and applications for transfer of registration

The annexes referred to above will be available for consultation at ESDA.



The application period starts on 30 March and ends on 12 May 2022.

The application is made online via the Ministry of Education website.