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Many companies come to ESDA to look for people trained in this Centre. For this reason we have created a database to facilitate communication and allow a better incorporation of students into the labour market. ESDA as a meeting point between companies and students and alumni.

Information for companies

If you need a person for your company, please contact us detailing the professional profile, we will provide you with CVs that fit your request. Indicate the profile of knowledge and skills required for the position and the type of tasks that the worker must face in their daily work. Please also indicate any specialised knowledge that is completely necessary for the activity to be carried out. Any additional information is welcome in order to make a better selection of the students that we consider to be the best fit for the job.

On the other hand, you may be interested in collaborating with the school by receiving proposals for compulsory internships as part of the training in the Bachelor's Degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Fashion Design and in the Master's Degree in Strategies of spatial and graphic creativity in ephemeral spaces. In this case, please send an email to Coordinator of External Internships.

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About the traineeship

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Students and alumni

All you need is a CV and a portfolio of your best work in a PDF file to be added to our database.

Take care in the presentation, layout and selection of works, as this will be the information sent to the companies that request information from us.

It is also advisable to keep the data up to date and to resubmit them when changes are important.

If you are interested you can send it to


You can contact us via email for both company and student requests:

Job Centre Coordinator