Published on 22 March 2016


blender 3d summer course in italy

The Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón collaborates in the summer course organised by the School of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano in Cortona, a small town in Tuscany, Italy.

The course is directed by Italian architect Professor Gianluca Emilio Ennio Vita of the Politecnico di Milano.


It has two parts:

1) 3D modelling classes with the software opensource Blender3Da powerful 3D infographics programme, and a workshop of talks and the development of a project on the Cortona theme. SmartCity.

In the modelling course you "learn by doing", and although the lessons are intense (in Italian and English), the progress is also surprising.

We work on the creation and deformation of objects, materials, lighting, approaches and photography of what is projected during the learning process.

In the basic course, modelling a simple pen, working with "Susan" (the monkey's head), composing some glasses or modelling some marbles, the different commands are practised, achieving results that are surprising for the quality of the lighting and material effects thanks to the rendering engine. cycles.

2) Project workshop and talks for a design proposal smart in Cortona. In the workshop, the possibilities of choosing what to project are diverse and extremely interesting in different areas of the city of Cortona: in the surroundings of its walls, on small plots of land "terrain vaguesThe "in the city, in the most representative squares, etc.

The work options are presented in talks given by technicians and town council officials, where the points and places of interest for Cortona are presented. Also the concerns and intentions for the incorporation of technology that will allow Cortona to be an important centre of interest for the city of Cortona. smart city.

In addition, professionals and teachers give talks to reflect on issues related to modes of intervention and new technologies applied to design and the city, providing ideas for new proposals.

The work is carried out in teams. The motif of the intervention is chosen, the project is planned and the idea is developed using Blender 3D as a design and representation tool.

Finally, on the last day, the works are presented publicly and the jury selects a winner. The course diplomas are handed out and the event ends with a meal in a restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking the Piazza della Repubblica in front of the Palazzo Comunale.

The place... And what else to tell about this experience

Cortona is a beautiful town in an incredible location. Florence and Siena are within easy reach. Assisi and Lake Trasimeno are also nearby. You can eat pasta and pizza every day and there is a swimming pool and ice-cream for the hot days.

During the summer Cortona On The Move is an interesting photographic exhibition with the participation of renowned artists. The exhibition spaces are in the most unexpected places, adding and reinforcing the value as an artistic event to the exhibition itself.

The archaeological museum is housed in the Palazzo Casali and houses important Etruscan and Roman treasures.

At the end of July, a music festival attracts many tourists and the streets are filled with performances.

Accommodation at the Ostello is fine. They give you three courses for dinner and you can repeat. There we have wifi, because it should be noted that, although Cortona wants to be a city of the same name. smart The workshop also aims to design the best design for a wifi transmitter that can be integrated into the city. Therefore, another of the workshop's objectives is to achieve the best design for a wifi transmitter that integrates into the city. On the other hand, we have also detected that the signage of streets and monuments could be improved. And they haven't quite figured it all out yet!

So we encourage you to participate in the next edition, this summer 2016.