Zaragoza Professional Conservatory of Music logo competition

Published on 22 November 2018

First.- Call and object of the competition.

The Professional Conservatory of Music of Zaragoza (CPMZ), dependent on the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Aragon, announces a competition of ideas for the creation of its logo, on the occasion of the commemoration of its 25th anniversary. The aim of this competition is to select a proposed logo to represent the CPMZ after the commemoration and, with some allusive element, also during the commemoration. It will be the identifier of all activities associated with the CPMZ.

Participants in the competition must accompany their logo proposal with its development in the form of a basic corporate image document.

The idea to be conveyed by the creation of the logo will be: the CPMZ.

The centre is located in the historic centre of the city. It teaches the official Elementary and Professional Music Education. It belongs to the Government of Aragon, Department of Education, Culture and Sport, area of Special Regime education, area of Artistic Education. The Centre's teaching is taught in several buildings, due to the lack of space in the main building, so the building itself should not be used as a visual reference.

Students who complete these studies, at the end of the second stage, are qualified both to enter Higher Education and to develop professionally in different musical fields, such as teaching or performance, as soloists or as part of different choral, chamber or orchestral ensembles.

The educational offer of this Centre is very broad, as it has twenty-five instrumental specialities. It covers the eminently polyphonic or soloist instruments (accordion, singing, harpsichord, guitar, organ and piano) and all the instruments that make up the symphony orchestra and the band. It also includes Early Music specialities such as the Piccolo, Renaissance and Baroque Plucked String Instruments and Viola da Gamba. This makes it a centre of reference within the Community of Aragon. The teaching staff is made up of nearly eighty professionals, all of them with extensive artistic and teaching experience.

Group musical practice takes place through chamber ensembles and larger ensembles such as choirs, orchestras and bands. There is also a wide variety of ensembles based around instruments such as flutes, clarinets, saxophones, tubas, harps, percussion, early music and plectrum instruments. Some of these ensembles are the result of collaboration with other Conservatories in Aragon. They perform a repertoire that covers a wide variety of musical styles, incorporating trends such as jazz or the great soundtracks from the history of cinema.

As a complement to the teaching practice, the students carry out multiple activities: auditions and concerts inside and outside the Conservatoire, both in the city and outside it, and in collaboration, when the occasion requires it, with other institutions; specialisation courses and master classes, competitions; exchanges with other centres; study trips around Spain and Europe... Around three hundred public activities are carried out each year. Most of these are regularly announced on this website.

Next year 2019 we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the CPMZ. Each logo proposal must contain a representative symbol accompanied by the text "CONSERVATORIO PROFESIONAL DE MÚSICA DE ZARAGOZA. 25th ANNIVERSARY". The 25th anniversary may be removed or used depending on the need and the moment of use of the logotype.

Second - Participants

This call is open to students and alumni who have graduated during the last three years of the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón.

Each student may submit a maximum of two designs, each identified with a different slogan. The proposals will be original, and may be presented either individually or in groups, in which case the maximum number of members will be four students.

Third - Prize.

A single prize of 500 euros (€500) will be awarded for the design of the logo selected by the Evaluation Commission. In the event that the selected logo has been submitted by a group of students, the amount of the prize will be divided equally among the members of the group.

The amount of the prize will be subject to the tax deductions established in Spanish tax legislation.

In addition, runner-up and runner-up diplomas will be awarded.

Fourth: Submission of proposals.

Each proposal shall include only one design (with sufficient versatility to be used with or without the "25 ANNIVERSARY") and shall be submitted in two envelopes, identified as "A" and "B", as determined below:

1. Envelope "A" must contain:

- the author's identification details: name, NIF, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, photocopy of ID card or official identification document in the case of foreigners and any other information that identifies the author.

- A certificate of enrolment at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón or a diploma accrediting the completion of these studies.

- The third party file which can be obtained from the website of the Government of Aragon:

Envelope "A" shall be identified on the outside with the following particulars:

- Envelope A: Identification details.

- Ideas competition for the creation of the CPMZ logo, with and without 25th anniversary.

- Slogan proposed by the entrant.

2. Envelope "B" shall contain:

- A brief summary explaining the spirit of the brand and a brief explanation of the basis of the design and its conceptual keys. The corporate colours of the logo must be specified in CMYK, RGB and PANTONE.

Envelope "B" shall also be identified on the outside with the following particulars:

- Envelope B: Proposed Imagotipo

- Ideas competition for the creation of the CPMZ logo

- Contestant's slogan.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DESIGN PROPOSAL TO BE SUBMITTED: Design of the logo printed on rigid support in DIN A3 format. On the back of the support submitted must be the

entrant's slogan. The logo shall be submitted in print in the following versions as set out below.

- B/w version (black and white)

- Grayscale version

- Colour version.

- Versions according to orientation (vertical or horizontal)

- Reductions of the logo

- Version with and without 25th Anniversary.

The versatility of the logo will be valued for a later application in stationery, posters, etc.

or signage.

The identification of the envelopes and the documentation in envelope "B" with

any designation other than the slogan which permits the identification of the


The works submitted to the competition must be original and unpublished.

Fifth - Place and deadline for submission

Proposals may be submitted until 23 January 2019 at 14.00 hours to the

school secretariat.

Proposals should be sent to the following address:

Aragon School of Design


Avda. María Zambrano, 3

500018 Zaragoza

Sixth: Assessment Committee

The selection of the winning design will be made by a judging commission which will be

consisting of:

- The Director of the Aragon School of Design or the person delegated by her/him.

- Two more teachers from the Zaragoza Professional Conservatory of Music, who will act as spokespersons for the CPMZ School Board and School Council.

- The Head of the Special Regime Education Service or the person he/she delegates.

- The director of the CPMZ

The youngest member shall act as secretary of this committee.

The Commission shall meet within seven days after the deadline for submission of proposals. Its powers, for the purposes of this Call for Proposals, shall be:

a) The acceptance of the proposals submitted in the call for tenders by means of an official record.

b) It must also reflect, in the same way, the designs that are not admitted, stating the reasons for exclusion.

c) The assessment of the designs submitted and the rest of the documentation attached by the participants.

d) The power to declare the tender procedure void, stating the reasons for this decision.

e) The identification of the entrant of the selected design, by means of the opening of envelope "A", after the corresponding record has been drawn up.

f) The awarding of the prize to the entrant of the selected design.

g) The interpretation of these rules and the resolution of any questions that may arise in connection with the competition.

The decision of the Evaluation Committee is final.

Seventh - Assessment criteria

The artistic and symbolic values and the representation and communication capacity of the logo will be the determining factors in selecting the winning proposal.

In addition, its potential for versatility in terms of its application on different media will be assessed.

The Evaluation Committee will act with complete independence and will determine the winning proposal on the basis of the evaluation criteria and the weighting indicated below, with a maximum of 30 points being awarded to each of the proposals:

(a) Ability of the proposal to represent the values, the CPMZ personality: 0 to 10 points.

(b) Development of its suitability or variations, where appropriate, to reproduce it in all the pieces necessary to launch the project, as well as other advertising and communication elements: 0 to 10 points.

c) Development in the form of a basic corporate image document: 0 to 5 points.

d) Explanation of the basis of the design, its conceptual keys and the versatility of the logotype for subsequent application on stationery, posters or signage: 0 to 5 points.

Eighth.- Resolution of the tender, publicity and appeals.

The Evaluation Commission will notify the author of the selected proposal of its decision within ten days of its being drawn up. The resolution of the competition will also be made public on the website of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Aragon, on the website of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Zaragoza and through the media or by means of a press conference.

Ninth: Payment of the prize.

Payment of the prize will be made once all the award procedures have been completed.

Tenth: Intellectual and industrial property rights.

The author of the selected design grants the Government of Aragon the exclusive exploitation rights of the work without any kind of limitation, covering all forms of exploitation.

The prize awarded includes the price of the assignment, provided for in article 17 of the reformed text of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law (TRLPI). In accordance with the provisions of article 14, the winning participant authorises the Government of Aragon to modify, develop or adapt the design using any means it deems appropriate. The awarding of the prize does not grant the prize-winner any right to carry out adaptation and development work on the applications of the design and idea selected in this competition.

The Government of Aragon will be the owner of the design and may, if necessary, and in accordance with current legislation, register it, thereby acquiring industrial property rights.

The authors of the proposals submitted to this competition will cede the distribution and public communication rights free of charge to the Government of Aragon to be shown in an exhibition or to form part of a catalogue or exhibition.

Eleventh: Acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Participation in this competition implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules.

by the participants, which may be amended by the convening body by

duly justified reasons.

Zaragoza, 29 October 2018

The Director of the Zaragoza Professional Conservatory of Music