Winners IV Creative Screens Etopia Call for Entries

Published on 19 September 2019

On the 28th of June, the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation announced the list of winning works developed for Etopia's Middle Façade.

Once again this year, at the ESDA We are very happy that our students won the following prizes;

First Prize Creative Screens

  • 2019 Deconstruction, Adrián Betrán

Second Prize Creative Screens

  • 2019 Appearances can be deceiving, Kiara de León
  • 2019 Shape War, Markel Goñi

The Creative Screens Etopia is an annual competition organised by the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, the Ibercaja Foundation and Zaragoza City Council, and aimed at students from the Aragon School of Design, Zaragoza School of Art, Huesca School of Art, and the CPA Salduie, which aims to promote and facilitate access to this artistic medium for talents in training in our city.

The jury, which is made up of representatives of the organising bodies and members of the staff of the participating schools and training centres, makes its decision on the basis of aspects such as the originality of the proposals, their artistic quality and their suitability for the proposed work medium.

In the months following the jury's decision, the winning works have been incorporated into the programme of artistic content on the façade of Etopia.