Learning and Service Award for Gender Equity

Published on 16 June 2021

We at ESDA are celebrating: we have just received the accreditation of the Gender Equity Service Learning Award.

Designing for Hilvana is the school project that we have developed over the last three years using the Service Learning methodology to support Ayuda en Acción's magnificent project, Hilvanando culturas, entretejiendo el futuro, with CEIP Ramiro Soláns. Ayuda en Acción organises and coordinates the entire project in which our work is inserted as a further aid to the textile female empowerment that it promotes among the families of this school, whose performance is widely recognised.

For us this award means a lot, not only because of its importance at a national level, but also because in some way it recognises and encourages us to develop a way of working that has always characterised artistic education, particularly design education: to generate student learning using solidarity actions that improve the community in a tangible way. This is not so common in Higher Education and in this sense we feel even more proud of the award, because far from assuming that compulsory education does not go with us, we see in it many aspects that enrich our own work. Furthermore, this award supports our centre's commitment to social design, because we know that democratic design is not just a question of price.

We are happy to continue to deepen our use of this Active Methodology which perfectly complements the usual project (case) and our use of the Design Thinking as a language that cuts across all grades.

Thanks to the Spanish Service Learning Network, to Ayuda en Acción for proposing us to be part of their project and to CEIP Ramiro Soláns for their great quality and generosity.

Link to the award: