Exhibition "The Mechanisation of the House. A history of design".

Published on 15 November 2021

The third year Product Design students went to the Centro de Historias de Zaragoza last Thursday to enjoy the exhibition "The mechanisation of the house. A history of design".

The exhibition features around a hundred everyday objects and small household appliances from the Alfaro Hofmann Collection. Exhibited chronologically, the evolution of domestic appliances can be seen, from the beginning of the use of electricity to almost the present day. This allows us to observe the importance of product design and how it has evolved both in the different aesthetic trends and in the use of different materials as a result of technological advances.

In addition, a series of spaces representative of scenes from the home and period advertising were recreated, allowing students to reflect on the interaction of these products in the environment in which they are used and how the kitchen has also changed with respect to the rest of the house in line with rationalist trends.

We were also able to analyse the formal and ergonomic evolution of blenders, toasters, washing machines, irons, hoovers, record players, radios, refrigerators and televisions.

The exhibition will be on display until Christmas. We encourage you to attend!