Social Design: ESDA at UAL London

Published on 15 December 2021

Thanks to an Erasmus STT grant, Cecilia Casas Romero, lecturer in Social Design, visited the University of the Arts London, UAL, to find out how Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion organise their teaching and research work in Design and Social Innovation and Sustainability.

More specifically, to observe how a DESIS Lab is constituted and functions, with the idea that towards spring ESDA can apply to be part of the DESIS network, previously generating an ESDA DESIS Lab in our centre.

DESIS network is an international platform that brings together 55 DESIS laboratories located in Design Schools around the world and allows projects and exchanges in collaboration with all of them.

The ESDA DESIS Lab will serve to open the doors to the practice of interventions, educational experiences and research in Design and Social Innovation and Sustainability for teachers, students and alumni.

The places visited were:

Center for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion with Francesco Mazzarella.

Poplar Works with Claire Swift.

UAL DESIS Lab at Central Saint Martins with Adam Torphe and Lorraine Gamman.

The Social Design Institute at Central Saint Martins with Lucy Kimbel.