Social Design with Refugees

Published on 4 January 2023

Professor Francesco Mazzarella from the Center for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion at the UAL, has invited ESDA lecturer Cecilia Casas Romero to participate in an early phase of his participatory action research project: "The Sustainable Fashion and the Fashion Industry".Decolonising Fashion and Textiles"which aims to develop a working agenda for cultural sustainability by decolonising design practice in the context of the fashion and fashion textile industry. The work has been carried out with refugees and asylum seekers in two East London boroughs.

The contribution of the ESDA photography teacher has been to conduct workshops using the methodology of Photovoice Ethnography with a creative approach to help participants tell their stories of resilience (storytelling), empowerment, mutual knowledge (icebreaking) begin to look at London as a place where they may reside in the future (sense of place)

We would like to thankfrom here Cecilia would like to thank and will never forget : Francesco, Seher, Jess, Madusu, Michele, Sukhuider, Olu, Bashma, Sadete, Grisela, Malah, Ismael, Alexia, Gonche, Sahira, Sophyat, David, Javier and Miguel.