Exclusive edition: author's design

Published on 27 February 2023

Photos: Nacho Bueno

The students of third of product design participated as assistants, last 22 February, in the conference called "Exclusive Edition: Diseño de Autor" at La Azucarera, one of the activities organised by Zaragoza Activa on the occasion of the first stop of the 2023 Talent Tour promoted by the Princess of Girona Foundation.

This conference showed young people the work of some of the professionals in the field of the creative economy, which is the foundation of the cultural identity of our community and also represents an economic sector that generates wealth and employment.

Our lecturer in Product Design, Ana Sánchez, was selected as one of the designers and participated as a speaker in the micro-talks that took place in the Espacio Plaza Activa. In addition, one of our students from fourth year of Fashion Design, Enrique Llerashowed his mark Laboratory of gârmentswith the collection of his garments, exhibited in La Refinería, where he shared space with other Aragonese fashion designers.