Published on 29 April 2023

The Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón is holding the second edition of the ESDA SOCIAL DESIGN DAYS. The Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón, ESDA, which has an increasing international projection thanks, in part, to the quantity and quality of its teaching projects in Social Design, brings to Ezio Manzini to Zaragoza. Zaragoza, 2 May 2023 This year ESDA will once again hold the 2nd edition of the ESDA SOCIAL DESIGN DAYS on 11 and 12 May.

This is an international event with guests from foreign universities, face-to-face and open to the city. These days of Social Design will be about reflecting on educational intervention in Social Design, Design for Social Innovation and Activist Design. Students, teachers, researchers and other interested entities will share their knowledge and experiences in Social Design, which is becoming a distinctive feature of this school, nationally and internationally.

This year will be attended by Ezio Manzini and Nicos Souleles. Ezio Manzini is professor emeritus at the Polytechnic University of Milan, expert in Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability and founder of DESIS network. He has been visiting professor at ELISAVA design school in Barcelona, Parsons in New York, Tongji University in Shanghai and UAL, London. Nicos Souleles is Professor and Coordinator of the DESIS Laboratory in Cyprus and focuses his academic work on student and social design education. The talks and activities of this Social Design conference will end on Saturday 13th, with the presentation at the CÁLAMO bookshop of the translation of the latest book by Ezio Manzini in which he reflects on the importance of living in a more habitable city by revaluing real "tactile" proximity and care.

ESDA students are currently involved in three new projects of this type: with "Caídos del Zielo", a social theatre proposal with homeless people directed by Félix Martín, with the Zaragoza Juvenile Centre for the humanisation of spaces, and with the refugees hosted by the APIP-ACAM Foundation in the project "ESDA-Refugees: Cultural identity through photography and fashion design", inspired by a recent collaboration carried out with Francesco Mazzarella from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London, UAL, who will also attend the meeting.