The start of_

Published on 29 April 2023

The Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón is holding a very special event on 8 and 9 May: lectures, talks and workshops on speculative design. Plausible futures to anticipate, for which it is no use designing as usual, futures in which some known things will not exist (that's why it's called The end of/El fin de) or will be in a different form. Thus, each presentation offers possibilities for the future, and at ESDA we work to make those futures a little better (that's why this event is also called The start of/El inicio de). Designers, collectives and professionals from the sector will give lectures, talks and workshops on strategies and ways of defining and tackling global sustainability issues in any of their aspects. Lucas Muñoz, Roberto Piqueras, Núria Vila, Joel Blanco, Does, Crisitina Noguer, Publicprotestposter, Holon and Makea tu vidaThey visit us to dialogue with us from an interdisciplinary perspective in which the sum of natural sciences, social sciences, art, architecture and engineering around design, prepares to face the various crises that threaten the stability of our society. Not only is the future of design being considered, but also the format of this professional conference with 17 years of history and recognised prestige, which is why its image this year is diffuse. There is no brand, no poster, no merchandising, to make way for a more participatory and meaningful future event. In fact this year a group of students have worked for months with three design studios to generate the visual concept and all the applications and decoration. Or not generate anything at all: because they have decided to clean up, lighten spaces, resources and expenses. What Ana de Pablo, Mihaela Dimofte, Amaia Ciria, Anna Ainoza and Hugo Benedet have generated with Does work, Public protest poster and Juan Ezcurra (society 0) is a floating identity based on eight powerful images of #Yosigo with 65 variations of the title, printed on 1800 stickers that run through Instagram. The typeface, a metaphor for a certain decadence and sophistication, is Times Megafont, which alternately combines letters from every version of Times New Roman there has ever been, creating a kind of glitch. We are looking for this change of format towards greater relevance in the formation of ESDA, better use of resources and greater imbrication with the research that takes place in our own.

The end of/ The star of

8.05.23 / Assembly Hall ESDA

  • 8.45h/ Reception
  • 9.00h/ Inauguration
  • 9.30h/ Lucas Muñ
  • 10.30h/ Roberto Piqueras /
  • 11.30h/ COFFEE BREAK
  • 12.00h/
  • 13.00h/ Nuria
  • 14.30h/ Lunch / Garage
  • 16.00h/ Chill Dj /Garaje
  • 16.30h/ Workshops: Nuria Vila, Does Work, Holon

9.05.23 / Assembly Hall ESDA

  • 9.30h/ Joel Blanco  /
  • 10.30h/ Cristina Noguer /
  • 11.30h/ COFFEE BREAK
  • 12.00h/ Makea  /
  • 13.00h/ Does work / /  Gonistudio / Mihaela Dimofte, Ana de Pablo, Anna Ainoza, Amaia Ciria, Hugo Benedet.
  • 14.30h/ Lunch / Garage
  • 16.00h/ Chill Dj /Garaje
  • 16.30h/ WorkshopsJoel Blanco, Gonistudio, Makea
  • 21.00h/ Party / Garage