Intervention in shop windows in the city

Published on 23 May 2023

From ESDA and in collaboration with the traders association Zaragoza Esencial, as a support to small commerce, and within the line of action of the ESDA DESIS Lab, we have carried out the project.

The design and assembly of the shop windows is a teaching exercise of the 4th year students carried out in the optional subjects of Visual Merchandising with students of Interior Design and Graphic Design, directed by the teachers Eugenia Pérez de Mezquia and Pilar Sopena and the optional subject Experimental Typography, directed by the teachers Estefanía Moreno and José Chávez.

The pupils have proposed to highlight the value of small businesses, so a small game is proposed where the public has to discover a word that is made up of the sum of 10 letters, each one of them in one of the assigned shop windows.

Finally, there will be several prizes; a popular prize of €150 for the most voted shop window in the application -which can be downloaded from a QR found in the shop windows- and two design prizes, a first prize of €200 and a runner-up prize of €150, awarded by a jury of teachers from the school. The awards ceremony will take place on 26 May at 13h, at the end of Open Friday on the ESDA terrace.