social project/ children's centre

Published on 23 May 2023

Photographs: Marian Valverde

ESDA collaborates with the Centre for Education and Detention by Judicial Measure of
Zaragoza (CEIMJ Juslibol) in the Social Design project "My personal space".
developed by students in the 3rd year of Interior Design through the course
Research, Development and Innovation III by Professor Eugenia Pérez de Mezquia
Zatarain and Pilar Sopena Porta in collaboration with the director of the Juvenile Centre
Francisco Aguelo.

The project "My personal space" focuses on the single room of the inmates,
developing 14 proposals for friendlier and more personalised rooms through the
design of interior details and meeting the necessary safety conditions.
The exercise started with an exchange of personal letters between the 14 pupils and 14 students.
volunteer children. A first session in the CM to collect data from the room and to
joint user-designer work with personal interviews. A
second session at the joint CM user-designer working on real mock-up of the
1/20th scale room. A third and final session at the CM for the final 3D presentation.
and feedback of the 14 proposals first with the inmates and then with the management of the centre.

Each of the 14 proposals were born from the dialogue between the designer and the user, as a process of in-depth knowledge of their needs and expectations, bringing together new points of view through participatory design. Final exercise of synthesis and communication to convince of the small gestures in interior design that make great improvements possible for users.