Published on 22 June 2023

For the second consecutive year, on 11 and 12 May, the II ESDA SOCIAL DESIGN DAYS were held. This year with a slightly different format that turned the attendees into agents of social design, giving them the opportunity to participate through a commission that would end in a meeting and a workshop on the 12th, Friday morning in the Plaza de Santo Domingo in the Barrio de San Pablo, with neighbours and workers from the neighbourhood.

We had the presence of Ezio Manzini, founder of DESIS Network to which ESDA belongs and from whose Lab these days of Social Design are organised. Ezio Manzini, professor emeritus of the Polytechnic of Milan, spoke to us about Design for Social Innovation of Real Proximity and the liveable city. Nicos Souleles, from DESIS Lab in Cyprus, presented his experience and methodologies in teaching social design. Francesco Mazzarella (UAL) was also present and contributed to the workshop and the final round table. Students and teachers had the opportunity to present their most recent work to the trio. And we had the final flourish of "urban music" by Muralla.

It is impossible to make a list because it would be almost infinite. Just to say: Thank you all for your involvement!

And the complete video, the work of the student Juan Álvarez, can be viewed from:

photographs: Lucía Rodríguez and Abril Oliva