Guided tour of the Zaragoza Activa La Azucarera facilities

20 November 2018

Olba, Pertegaz Fashion Stage. Design by EASD Valencia and photography by ESDA.

7 November 2018

Visit to the CAIXAFORUM cultural centre in Zaragoza

31 October 2018

Visit to Guiro toy shop with 3rd year Product Design students

4 October 2018

Mathematics and Origami

2 October 2018

Transmedia experiment

1 June 2018

Visit to the bookshop El Armadillo Ilustrado

1 March 2018

Visit to the Aura Restaurant in Zaragoza

20 February 2018

Friday open

20 February 2018

Exhibition Museum of the Italian Brand

14 November 2017

An ESDA and APILA teacher in NY and Miami

7 June 2017

APILA Publishing House celebrates its 10th anniversary

3 March 2017