5th Ibero-American Meeting of Design Education Centres

Published on 27 November 2013

The Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón, ESDA participates in the 5th ENCUENTRO
IBERO-AMERICAN DESIGN TEACHING CENTRES organised by DIMAD, which will be held on 27, 28 and 29 November at the Central de Diseño,
Matadero Madrid.

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Our centre is one of the 6 finalists for the award in the Design category.
of Interiors and Spaces of the Student Exhibition of the 5th BID Encounter
of Ibero-American Design Education Centres.

The finalist is the work of the student César Mercadal Gil.

The inauguration of the Student Showcase will take place on Wednesday 27th of
November, at 20:00 at Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid. In the
exhibition showcases the works submitted by the more than 50
participating design centres. On behalf of ESDA, the following will be exhibited
works of the Interior Design students Daniel Escartín and César
Mercadal and Graphic Design students, Chyntia Gálvez and Elena Mompó.