Published on 7 November 2022

Next Wednesday 16th November at 14.00h an ESDA DESIS Café will be held online. Organised by the ESDA DESIS Lab, we are hosting it and you are ALL invited.

DESIS CAFÉ is an open virtual place to share experiences and discuss informally about Design for Social Innovation and is open to more than 50 design school labs with DESIS Labs around the world. Ezio Manzini, founder of DESIS, and our dear Teresa Franqueira, international coordinator of DESIS, who was already with us at the ESDA Social Design Days last May, will also be there.

You can join via the ZOOM link on the DESIS website:

16th November 2022 at 13.00 UTC - DESIS Café hosted by ESDA DESIS Lab from Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón in Zaragoza, Spain. DESIS Café is a virtual place where DESIS Labs can meet and talk about their activities, expectations, thoughts, research, projects, etc. It's a place to reinforce connections within the community and exchange knowledge about good practices and difficulties of projects, and actions. Their message for this DESIS Café is we have come to learn: "We are DESIS just from last April, this year 2022. Probably, one of the youngest DESIS Lab hosting a DESIS Café. You know, as it happens, "ignorance is bliss".

We understand DESIS is meant to establish relations and find people and schools from all over the world who are doing something similar but in different contexts, and we want to start cooperating from scratch!" They also want to present a proposal to the DESIS Community and to foster debate: a prompt discussion on several issues which emerge from the problems we are dealing with or facing in our daily practice of tuition on Social Design or Design for Social Innovation. Among them: why we do this; Does it make sense DI vs/+ DSI today?; Parachuting problem; CURRICULA limitations; Interculturality and Organizational problems.