Friday open

Published on 9 February 2023

EXHIBITION INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS. As the last teaching activity of the semester, the Department of Interior Design Projects and Techniques organises a public exhibition of projects carried out during the semester by students in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of Interior Design, with the intention of highlighting the effort, sharing the results, seeing the progression of the work at different levels and making a final evaluation of the work carried out by all, teachers and students. It is a great celebration of "This is as far as we have come". To end a stage, reflect and start the next semester with joy and renewed energy.

The FRIDAY OPEN will be held on 10th February and is an event where the 3rd and 4th year Interior Design students present their projects to the 1st and 2nd year students. A teaching activity where the protagonists are the students themselves in this exchange from the "older" to the "younger" and where teachers take a back seat to observe and enjoy the skills learned and the autonomy acquired by the students. An OPEN FRIDAY where we all learn together and celebrate it.

This Open Friday we will have as special guests:

Cristina Cabelloarchitect. Coordinator of the Office REHABILITA ARAGÓN of the COAA, Official College of Architects of Aragon.

Roberto Gilinterior designer. BAGIL

Gustavo Laherainterior designer. MUSTT STUDIO