Exhibition Gráfica Impar with Andar de Nones and Isidro Ferrer

Published on 18 December 2023

Gráfica Impar is a sample of the creative process carried out by the artists of Andar de Nones under the guidance of Isidro Ferrer, together with a group of students from ESDA who were in charge of the graphic design. 

They all came together in the creative space of Andar de Nones in Harinera ZGZ to collectively explore the technique of calligraphy. This ancestral technique that we use to capture words on paper served - in addition to bringing them all together - as the foundation for the creative process that resulted in the posters that make up this exhibition. 

Isidro asked the Andar de Nones workshop the question: What is art for you? If calligraphy is the art of writing, can writing be art, and can art be what we write? It didn't take long for ideas to explode in the Andar de Nones workshop. Not only were they written, but also cut out, painted and photographed. There was even time for the undisputed snack break. 

Abstractions and non-human bodies illustrate everything from statements like "I am not an animal" to questions like "Is it wrong to ask? It's all part of the great cosmos of the Nones, which on this occasion is materialised with painting, calligraphy and graphic design in this collection of collaborative posters.