How do you want to be remembered?

Interaction with the remains of the deceased is generally guided by a cold and hygienic approach. Therefore, we want to expand the initial market proposal by creating an alternative that serves as a memorial, avoiding the sombre and gloomy connotations that these objects tend to have in Western culture.

This is a design that would be selected by someone who plans how they want their remains to be treated when they pass away. This product will serve the user to create a compilation of tangible (handwritten notes, small items such as jewellery or travel souvenirs) and intangible (a voice message, photos and online videos) items throughout their life as the object has storage compartments, a speaker with microphone and the NFC chip.

Once deceased, the product will pass to a family member or friend who can incorporate the funeral ashes, using it as an urn and memorial to the deceased. It also has a candle holder to light a tea candle in honour of the deceased, creating a sense of rituality around the product.