Zebra Visual Fest, a meeting for professionals and students on the applications of the audiovisual media

Published on 11 December 2023

On 15 December, the Aragon School of Design is holding the Zebra V.F. to learn and share knowledge about culture and the latest technologies associated with audiovisual media and design through talks, workshops and a video mapping party.

The Zebra Visual Fest is a meeting for professionals and students on the applications of audiovisual media in the workplace from different perspectives related to graphic, fashion, interior and product design.

Estibaliz Centeno, the director of the Aragón Film Commissiona public platform, a hub for the different audiovisual professions, in charge of attracting and facilitating film shoots in the Community for production companies.

The first of the talks will be given by Ana Revilla, CEO of TheMo, and Xreality Studios, who will share her work on the design of exhibition spaces with virtual and augmented realityvideo mapping and immersive experiences.

Irene Luzán, CEO of Shu Digital, will be giving a talk on photogrammetry and 3Dtechniques with which they have worked, among others, with productions such as Dragon House and textile companies such as Zara.

From 12 noon onwards the first workshop will start on film art direction by Ruth Barranco, researcher and interior designer specialising in neuroarchitecture.

Zebra Visual Fest ends in the afternoon with a workshop of video mappingby the visual artist Yaguar, who will offer a shared video projection session at the end.

Zebra: camera function that displays a striped pattern over overexposed areas.