Manuel Estrada revisited

The 3rd year graphic design students have an exclusive interview with Manuel Estrada, one of the best graphic designers in this country. The interview will soon be published in the design and visual culture magazine EsdaMag, whose graphic design is carried out in the subject of projects III directed by Eva Felipe and Ana Mestre, who are in charge of ... Read more

A Call for all DESIS Labs

Practice and Education at the intersection of Social Design and Design for Social Innovation - Working with Vulnerable Communities This is a call to generate a new space or cluster for the DESIS network: We are launching this proposal for all those interested DESIS labs working on teaching and practicing with people living in poor ... Read more

"CASA" Fallen from Zielo

ESDA collaborates with the project Caídos del Zielo, an inclusive artistic project of social innovation aimed at people in situations of homelessness and/or extreme economic precariousness, directed by Félix Martín.