New DESIS cluster on "Design practice and education for social change from the margins".

(by Francesco Mazzarella and Cecilia Casas) Given the current environmental, social and economic crises in the world, it is becoming increasingly clear that designers can play a crucial role in working with vulnerable people and people at risk of exclusion (such as prisoners, refugees, people with disabilities, homeless people, etc.), contribute to improving their lives, and help them to ... Read more

ESDA Desis SD Days

El diseño es un superpoder que puede contribuir a cambiar el mundo, a lograr justicia social y a mejorar las vidas de los que han tenido menos suerte. Se ha demostrado que la ESDA, sus profesores y sus alumnos son muy buenos en hacerlo. Tenemos un laboratorio DESIS y eso significa un reconocimiento al trabajo … Read more

Exhibition Gráfica Impar with Andar de Nones and Isidro Ferrer

Gráfica Impar is a sample of the creative process carried out by the artists of Andar de Nones under the guidance of Isidro Ferrer, together with a group of ESDA students who were in charge of the graphic design. All of them met in the creative space of Andar de Nones in Harinera ZGZ, to collectively explore ... Read more